About Us

Tore’s Foundation is a registered UK charity established in 2014 to perpetuate and memorialise the vision and ideals of Tore Eikeland, murdered aged 21 along with 68 others, during a summer youth camp on the island of Utoya, Norway.

An associated Norwegian charity, Tore Eikelands Legat, was founded at the same time, in Tore’s name and memory.

Amanda Slowe


Amanda is a lawyer and a qualified mediator, who practised at S J Berwin LLP in their private client tax department. Born and educated in South Africa, she left private practice in 2009 to assist in establishing human rights projects in both Ghana and South Africa. She also helped establish, and was a trustee of, the Reconstruction Project, after she and her family were in Thailand during the 2004 Tsunami, which helped raise funds to rebuild homes in Koa Lak. She lives in London with her husband and three children.

Shelley Sawers


Shelley was born and grew up in Kenya.   Married to a British diplomat, she has been posted with him to Yemen, Syria, South Africa, USA, and Egypt.   She has three children, and has worked throughout as a teacher. In Pretoria, South Africa, Shelley joined forces with her embassy colleagues to help street children back into shelters and schools.   In Cairo she supported small business cooperatives for women, and a charity helping farmers care for their working animals (donkeys and horses).   As the British Ambassador's wife at the UN in New York, Shelley campaigned to help those women and children of Democratic Republic of Congo suffering brutal sexual violence and murder as part of the war. Since being back in London Shelley works as a bereavement supporter.

Robert Eikeland


Robert is Tore’s elder brother, born in 1983.  He is also active in the local  Labour Party  and  serves as a councillor for his home-island of Osterøy. He works on the island at the salmon processing plant at Leroy Fossen AS. He is a member of the Board of the Tore Eikeland Foundation, established in Norway at the same time as the UK Foundation was established . Robert’s leisure is shared between playing in his local football team and looking after his two boisterous young children with his partner.

Brita Bergland

Special Advisor

Brita is currently finishing her BA in Development Geography and Political Economy at King's College London. During the time Tore was leader of the regional Hordaland Youth Labour Party branch in Norway, Brita was treasurer of the regional Hordaland branch and on the board of the local Bergen branch. They therefore knew each other well and worked closely together. Her friendship with Tore combined with her academic interest in development, and regional focus on African countries especially, and her determination to ensure that Tore’s vision is enacted, makes her contribution to the development of Tore’s Foundation invaluable.

Tore’s Foundation

Tore’s Foundation.

Registered Charity Number 1157095

Telephone: +44 (0) 7770 746 648

Registered Office: 12 Albert Place, London W8 5PD