Our Vision.

To create democratically engaged communities.

Our Mission.

To empower young people to develop their critical thinking and discover their voice through debate in order to transform their communities and engage politically. We give them the tools to change and expand their outlook with regard to the possibilities of democratic politics, and to encourage their interest and participation.

Our Approach.

We foster our students’ ability and confidence to engage critically with the world around them. Through our debating and elite leadership programmes, we help participants to discover their voice and appreciate the power of their words and opinions. By giving them the skills and confidence to articulate their arguments in a powerful and coherent manner, we by extension achieve so much more: a belief in their own potential; a means by which they can influence change and a motivation to become active and engaged citizens.

We aim to give them the fishing rod, not the fish; the tools with which they themselves can transform their own lives and improve the societies in which they live.


We strive to create communities that have questioning and active citizens through a range of activities.

After school debating programmes in high schools.

Regular inter-school debating competitions.

Raising students’ aspirations and supporting them in making informed choices about higher education.

Annual winter camp for high school students, with debating as their core, to help young people discover their character, voice and true potential.

Encouraging young people who have dropped out of education back into learning through debating and tailored confidence building courses.

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Tore’s Foundation has helped me with my low self-esteem and self-confidence; it has also helped me gain knowledge on things I never thought would even interest me, such as political and environmental issues. Tore’s Foundation has inspired me to speak up on the negative attitudes and issues that impact my community.